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Clarendon Township
Calhoun County Michigan

The Township Hall is at 21947 R Dr South,  Homer Michigan 49245
We are a member of the Michigan Township Association.
Clarendon is a civil Township,
Established March 6, 1838.
Land area is 35.7 sq miles, water .2 sq miles,
2010 census shows the population to be 1,139.
The Township has several cemeteries;
West Clarendon on M-60; Cook’s Paraire on 23 Mile rd;
Bentley’s Corners on T Drive South; St. Joseph’s on the County
Line rd, there location shown on the map also.
The school districts of Homer and Tekonsha split the
township almost evenly.
This site is the property of Clarendon Township Calhoun County Michigan
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Return completed form to,
Randy Shank
(Zoning Administrator)
Phone (517) 767-4691 for an appointment
Applications & Permits

Emergency Call 911
Police, Fire, Ambulance,
Clarendon Township
Calhoun County, Michigan
Clarendon is a zoned community

The zoning ordinance of 1976 has guidelines
promoting and protecting the public health, safety
and general welfare of the people in the
community, you will find this ordinance here,
The items you will view are copy's of the original
document,  it is in the same format as the original
document but my not be an exact copy. The
Township clerk or zoning administrator will have
the original document.
Township budget information is
available here. (
At one time the Township had seven, one room schools, the
schools were in operation from mid 1800 to mid 1900,
There names are: Taffee, Darrow, Flint, Born, Nickerbocker,
Pritchard and Sloan, The last to close was the Pritchard.
There location shown on the map.
Main roads in the Township are,
Michigan state hwy-60,   L Dr South,
T Dr South,   18 1/2 mile road,
22 mile road,    23 mile road
We are located between Homer and Tekonsha Michigan,
Boundaries are;  L Dr South to the North,
24 mile Road to the East,
Calhoun / Branch County line to the South,
18 1/2 Mile road on the West.
The Township Hall built in 1872.
We are a rural,
mostly agricultural community.
Our welcome wagon
Clarendon park on 22 Mile Rd is fine place for a picnic
and a cool dip in the pond on hot summer day.
The park is open to the public and has some
rules for it's use.
The township has no formal offices, conducting
monthly board meetings at the township hall.
The township is also split between the Homer and Tekonsha
fire departments, as are the rural addresses and telephone
Some history of the Township
This Concludes The Zoning Ordinance
Of Clarendon Township.
Cemetery Ordinance
Park Rules and Reulations
You are welcome to visit our township and hope that you enjoy
your stay, rather it be for a day, a week, or a lifetime!  If you are
unable to visit use,  the pictures on this page will you give you a
look at what we get to enjoy as residents of Clarendon
Township Calhoun County Michigan.
Inoperable Vehicle
Portable Structure Ordinances
Civil Infraction Ordinances
The Illustration you will view here shows the  
location of parcels in the Township for  Agricultural
and Residential improved and vacant land. The
illustrations are not official and are for information


CLARENDON township was originally organized as a part of the
township of Homer. In 1838 it was organized as a separate
township under the name of Clarendon. The name was probably
given to it owing to the fact that many of its settlers were from
the town of Clarendon, Orleans county, New York.

The Beginning

Long Hard journey: There is no doubt but that the weary
immigrants had their sight gladdened by the beauty of the
country they came into, and whatever fears they may have
possessed as to the poor quality of the soil were quickly
dispelled on arriving at their destination.

Purchase The Land: The first settler who located in the township
was Anthony Doolittle, who came in May, 1832, in company with
Deacon Henry Cook. The latter located in what is now Eckford
township. These two men purchased four hundred and eighty
acres of land at an advance of fifty per cent from government
price, paying one dollar eighty-seven and a half cents per acre.
The land had been entered the previous winter by Dr. Hays, of
Marshall. Mr. Doolittle located on section 1, on " Cook's prairie,"
as it was afterwards called, a name it has ever since retained.

The first town meeting was held in 1838, of which Aaron B.
Bartlett was chosen chairman and Timothy Hamlin, clerk.
Truman Rathburn Hayes was elected supervisor; Timothy Hamlin,
township clerk; Horace B. Hayes, John Main and Ira Sumner,
assessors; Charles B. White, collector; Samuel Blair and
Cornelius Putnam, directors of the poor; Alonzo H. Rogers,
George W. Hayes, and Elijah Andrus, commissioners of
highways; John Main, Ira Sumner and Horace B. Hayes, school
inspectors; Truman Rathburn, William Cooper, John Main and Ira
Sumner, justices of the peace. The first school in the township
was taught on Cooks prairie in 1833. The first religious society
was organized by the Presbyterians in 1838. Meetings were held
in school houses until a log church was built on the southeast
quarter of section 18, which was used for a number of years.
The Methodists organized in 1840 and held services in a log
house built by Lewis Benham. A frame church was built some
time between 1840 and 1850. The young men of Clarendon
responded nobly the call of their country during the Civil War,
leaving a record of which the township will ever be proud.

The Railway Comes: The air-line division of the Michigan Central
railway was opened for travel in the fall of 1870, and a station
established two miles north of Clarendon Centre. Thus a means
of transportation for stock, grain, and other products is afforded
the inhabitants, who are, by means of the railway, brought into
direct and quick communication with the great markets both
east and west. The township subscribed ten thousand dollars'
aid to the railway in 1869, the vote on the question standing one
hundred and ten for the subscription and ninety-six against it.
This was at a second meeting held for the purpose, the project
having been defeated at the first one. Since the road has been
completed, and the iron horse thunders over the rails with loads
of precious freight behind him, the people are not sorry they
made the investment.

Clarendon,  was a station on the Air Line Michigan  Railroad of
the Michigan Central Railroad, beginning in approximately 1870.
The post office at Clarendon Centre was moved to the station
and renamed Clarendon on May 11, 1871. The office closed on
November 16, 1877, but was restored from October 4, 1883,
through April 30, 1910. The village of Homer is to the east, and
the Homer post office, with ZIP code 49245, serves most of
eastern Clarendon Township. The village of Tekonsha is to the
west, and the Tekonsha post office, with ZIP code 49092, serves
the southwest portion of Clarendon Township. The city of
Marshall is to the northwest, and the Marshall post office, with
ZIP code 49068, serves the northwest portion of Clarendon

The township of Clarendon today, with its many cozy residences,
broad highways, fields teeming with the manifold products of
the soil, thrifty orchards, and ever-recurring evidences of
prosperity, bears a striking contrast to the same territory as it
appeared to the pioneer of one-hundred eighty years ago, and
with the exception that the contour of the surface remains the
same the change in its aspect has been almost a complete
Steve R. Schrock
Phone 517-568-4047
Five Member Township Board
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Sharla Vincent
Phone 517-767-4416  
Fax; 517-767-9987   
Cell 517-990-5601
Rosemary Berry
Phone 517-568-3805
James Russell
Phone 517-542-2681
Tim Anderson
Phone, 517-568-3310
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each Month 7:30 pm at the Township hall.

Next meeting December 11
Planning Commission Meetings
Planning commission meetings will be held
at 6:00 pm at the Township hall preceding
the Clarendon Township board meeting.
June 12, 2017                September 11, 2017

December 11, 2017       March 12, 2018
Non-Emergency Numbers
Homer Fire 517-568-4328
Homer Police 517-568-4312
Tekonsha Fire 517-767-3484
Tekonsha  Police 517-966-3363
Blight Ordinance
Land Use Permit
There is a $30 Processing Fee
Late land Use Fee $50
Conditional Use
Application and Permit
There is a $250 Processing Fee
Demolition Application
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Land Division
Application and Permit
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The Saint Joseph River run's throwout the
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